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Let the adventure begin!!!

"Adventure begins where planning ends."
-Lotsa Folks.

Originally called the El Diablo Rojo, my bike is now called an F650NB
I guess if I were to plot the build, it'd look like this graphically... 

... currently somewhere between a Dakar and an F650RR.  More here...

Anyway, I've decided to keep my adventures, maintenance log and farkle additions documented within this site.  It's pretty much stories, pictures, and lies... but who knows what the adventure will bring...


What's new in here...
Mar 22 Added a new Tech Tip for installing a Dakar front fender extension
Dec 6 Updated Maintenance Log
Nov 22 Dood... where you been?
... a note from NB.
Nov 21 Finally updated the Guest Book log
Sep 15 Updated Maintenance Log

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